Candidates Asked to Complete Questionnaire

The A+ Coalition is excited to see such a large ballot for seats on the School Board! With so many options for our voters, we have organized two ways to inform the public about the candidates and their platforms.
Each candidate was mailed the following questionnaire on October 4 with two weeks to return answers in writing to the Chamber office. Answers received by the deadline will be published on our website and through local media outlets.
1.    What experience do you have with complicated budgets? When you are given a very lengthy budget for the district, what will be your process to determine if it is a good budget for the system?
2.    In an era of more limited financial resources, how will you enlist support for bond issues or public-school spending from conservative voters or taxpayers with no children in the public schools? How can the school board prove itself accountable to those citizens?
3.    In your view, what has the district done well over last five years? What has the district done poorly that you would change? Please provide specific examples.
4.    You represent a specific part of Natchitoches Parish—how will you balance the needs of your specific constituents with the needs of the overall school district?
5.    If a parent or a principal comes to you regarding, for example, a maintenance issue at a campus or a situation involving a particular teacher, how do you see your role as a school board member in resolving that issue?
6.    Consider the goals of the A+ Coalition, listed on the attached cover letter; do you believe those are achievable goals? Why or why not? Are any of particular importance to you? Why?